Stallone. Statham. Franco? Why not, right? For this action thriller about a single-dad DEA agent (Jason Statham) tussling with a small-town meth kingpin (James Franco), old man Sly confines himself to producer and script duty only, adapting Chuck Logan’s novel. It does have the stamp of vintage Stallone, though: Statham’s character just wants a quiet life with his 10-year-old daughter (Izabela Vidovic), but obviously that would be such a waste of his ass-kicking skills. Director Gary Fleder gets into the rubbishy mood with ease, and there’s an appealing if undisciplined generosity about the inclusion of supporting players such as a reliable Frank Grillo as a dangerous thug; a garishly emaciated Kate Bosworth as a junkie; an unexpected Winona Ryder as a biker chick; a winning, with-it Omar Benson Miller as our hero’s trusty ally; and a comely Rachelle Lefevre as his love interest, whom the film unfortunately abandons. There’s no suspense whatsoever in the central conflict, but some satisfaction to be had from the metaphorical clash of moviegoer civilizations: By now Franco represents — self-consciously, of course — a certain manner of florid affectation that sometimes you just want the straight-ahead Statham to step up and squash.