Holy Motors

In his first feature since 1999, French writer-director Leos Carax goes blessedly berserk with pent-up ideas. Denis Lavant stars as a protean performer who travels through Paris by limousine to a surreal series of “appointments,” by which he becomes an array of very different people, or at least movie characters. To name a few, these include a bag lady, a motion-captured acrobat, and the same sewer-dwelling madman who appeared in Carax’s portion of the 2008 anthology film Tokyo! Together they offer an aggressively confounding fantasia on the cinema actor’s art, aptly and approvingly described in one minor character’s words as “weird, weird, so weird!” This is a critic’s darling, to be sure, at once a preemptive art-film eulogy and a giddy rebuke to all mass-entertainment formulas. See it for the thrill of knowing you’ve never seen anything like it before, and might never again. Co-starring Édith Scob, Eva Mendes, and — oh yes — Kylie Minogue.