Finding Nemo 3D

The 3D rerelease of Pixar’s 2003 undersea saga may or may not be a bid from director Andrew Stanton to make back some of the cash his John Carter lost at the box office, but in any event, it still holds up. Set in a beautifully animated Great Barrier Reef, it’s still just the tale of an overprotective clownfish (voiced by Albert Brooks) on a quest to rescue his son (Alexander Gould) from a dentist’s office aquarium, and it didn’t need a 3D retrofit to deserve another run on the big screen. Co-starring Ellen DeGeneres and Willem Dafoe, among others, and agreeably preceded by the short Partysaurus Rex, which segues characters from the Toy Story series into an aquatic context of sorts, Finding Nemo fits the bill for that increasingly rare cinematic treat: a big room full of oohing and ahing and laughing and sniffling kids.