2 Days in New York

In this sequel to her 2 Days in Paris, from 2007, writer-director-star Julie Delpy continues building her brand of frisky, frazzled self-deprecation. Here, she and Chris Rock play a creative-class couple smarting from the invasion of their Manhattan apartment by her obtrusively Parisian family (including Delpy’s actual father Albert). It’s a sweet and raffish affair, charming even when some of the shtick plays so broadly as to play itself out. Delpy is at least shrewd — and neurotic — enough to contrive a scene in which a critic tells her, “I like the theme more than the execution,” if only to preempt dissent on her unlatched style. But overall, crucially, the movie is more instinctual than cerebral, with Rock gamely accommodating the mayhem (he seems most at ease chatting up a cardboard Obama cutout) and Delpy sprinkling affection around like confetti. Also with piquant small parts for Dylan Baker and Vincent Gallo.

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