Family fare that isn’t both overwrought and underwhelming? Heaven forfend. It’s easy enough to see why the scaredy cats at Warner Bros. stifled the theatrical release of director Carroll Ballard’s long-awaited Duma last year. The movie, about a South African farm boy who adopts an orphaned cheetah and undertakes the adventure of returning it to the wild, actually goes pretty easy on the clichés. It doesn’t mug, isn’t overly cute, and has humility enough not to belabor its own majesty. Never mind the storybookish improbabilities of the plot, or that Ballard, also of The Black Stallion and Fly Away Home, just keeps making kids-and-animals films. For one thing, he makes them so infrequently. For another, with his great eye and his affinity for the natural world, he makes them better than anybody.