Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

If you have to ask where the hell Larry the Cable Guy came from, you might be out of touch. Blue collar, red neck, white trash — why, he’s positively all-Amurcan! And now, no doubt thanks to an agent who seconds Larry’s “Git R Done!” attitude, he’s in a movie that’s about as disposable as a bottle of dip spit. As a health inspector (but still also apparently a cable guy) in an unnamed Southern city, hired presumably for his affinity with all things nauseating, Larry (Dan Whitney) investigates a series of suspicious food poisonings in the weeks prior to a televised Iron Chef-esque cookoff. He also grossly but slyly conveys what lessons the uptight may learn from bighearted, easy-goin’ good ol’ boys. Director Trent Cooper seems entirely captive to the shtick — which, to the comedian’s credit, is sometimes well-realized. But, like the noisy flatulence with which it’s preoccupied, Larry’s routine becomes considerably more embarrassing the longer it continues.

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